Bitter-Sweet Harvest

The front cover of Bitter-Sweet Harvest features an early 19th century lidded Nyonya jar. The jar is set against a background symbolic of contrasting cultures: mosques, cathedrals and the spires of Oxford. Nyonya porcelain originates from China and was made especially for early Chinese immigrants who settled initially in Malacca, adopting the way of life, dress and even speech of the Malays living there. In the early days of their migration, which go as far back as the 15th and 16th century, many of these ‘Straits Chinese’ married local Malay women.

About the book

Bitter-Sweet HarvestSet in a Malaysia emerging from the outbreak of racial conflict in 1969, Bitter-Sweet Harvest tells of the difficulties and tensions involved in a marriage between a Malay Muslim and a Chinese Christian. Atmospheric, dramatic, action-packed and intriguing, it is peppered with local flavour evocative of Southeast Asia. The novel takes the reader on a spell-binding journey through contrasting cultures: from the learned spires of Oxford in England to the East coast of Malaysia; from Singapore to Italy and on to Indonesia.

Bitter-Sweet Harvest is the sequel to the novel Sweet Offerings. The stories can be read in any order and are complete in themselves.

Cosmopolitan Singapore lists Bitter-Sweet Harvest as one of “Four books you won’t want to put down”.

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(ISBN 978-981-981-4351-68-3)
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