Bitter-Sweet Harvest Reviews: 2

This is a love story beautifully and engagingly told. It reflects the complex ethnic, religious and social tensions of Malaysia and beyond – all made vivid through the experience of characters, movingly depicted, and the exciting action, which carries the reader briskly from page to page.

Dato’ (Dr) Erik Jensen
author of Where Hornbills Fly

Tautly written, Chan Ling Yap’s second novel is a powerful story of the problems of intercultural marriage that can arise from family interference. With a superbly woven plot, Bitter-Sweet Harvest leads the reader through a minefield of cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts. Compelling and gripping, I found I could not put down this tragic saga of missed opportunities for the lovers. A poignant love story that is highly recommended!

Professor Bill Edeson
Professorial Fellow, University of Wollongong, Australia

Chan Ling Yap’s latest book Bitter Sweet Harvest is a worthy successor to Sweet Offerings, her first novel. I couldn’t read it quickly enough to find out the next step in this exciting story. I wasn’t disappointed.

Kate Mazdon
President, Women’s Institute, Princes Risborough, United Kingdom

Just managed to get your new book and I just cannot put it down … I am so engrossed … You have done it again! I cannot describe the suspense you put me through. What next? Please tell us you are not going to stop at this?!

Pamela Sundram

The year is 1969 and Malaysia is navigating its way through a series of racial conflicts. Amidst this backdrop, a Chinese-Christian girl (An Mei) and a Malay-Muslim boy (Hussein) fight for their right to be together. This controversial page-turner is heartbreaking and thought provoking. You’ll find yourself tearing up at some parts. “I was intrigued and found myself drawn to the well-fleshed out and believable characters in the book, particularly the feisty An Mei”.

Vanessa Tai
Cosmopolitan, Singapore, January 2012

I was sad when I finished reading the book. I didn’t want it to end. Looking forward to your next book.

Lita Macpherson

I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your latest book, which I took on holiday to South Africa with me recently. I found I got more involved with the characters than the first book, probably because I know them a little better now and I really liked the mix of culture clash and conflict of loyalties. It was a very contemporary tale.

Fiona Robb