Bitter-Sweet Harvest Reviews: 1

Both my friend and myself enjoyed reading your book ” Bitter-Sweet Harvest” very much! We are both Malaysian and Cantonese. We can’t help sharing and laughing about your book. We felt that we can relate to it so much as we grew up in Malaysia. Believe it or not, as we are reading your book (at different time), we can kinda visualise the characters, the environment…it was just so enjoyable reading it! Words just can’t express the pleasure we had reading your book. The story is wonderful. We can’t wait to read your other book “Sweet Offerings”.

Carorine Chan October 2012

What would you do if you had to share your husband with someone else within months of your marriage? Well, this is one of the dilemmas presented in Bitter-Sweet Harvest, the sequel to Sweet Offerings (2009).

Bitter-Sweet Harvest is just as entertaining as the debut, if not more so. It is the continuation of a family saga set in Malaysia in the 1930s and 1960s. This is a superbly told love story that will tug at your heartstrings and the dilemma easily identifiable in today’s society and among families just as much as it was an emerging issue fifty odd years ago. I reckon Chan Ling Yap is a born story-teller simply because she draws the reader into the plot page after page without any let-up. There is no shortage of intrigue and drama. It is definitely a well-thought-out and well-written story and I now look forward to the denouement of this Southeast Asian trilogy – hopefully there isn’t long to wait.

Choose and Book September 2012

In an action-packed story full of local colour and melodrama, An Mei’s tumultuous relationships with her Chinese Christian parents and Malay Muslim boyfriend take centre stage. The descriptions of the landscapes are particularly evocative and poignant. A must read for fans of Sweet Offerings – and a chance to renew acquaintance with characters from that story.

Whichbook August 2012

Outstanding! I was captivated by Chan Ling Yap’s Bitter-Sweet Harvest. In the immediate afterglow of contentment, I think I enjoyed this novel even more than Sweet Offerings, which I also rated highly. The author succeeds admirably in evoking an emotional response from the reader for a young and educated Chinese girl, An Mei, against the backdrop of racial tensions that has rocked Malaysia during turbulent times in its history – and remains topical even today.The accomplished author seamlessly integrates cultural insights in An Mei’s tale and transports the reader into the heart of iconic cities like Rome, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. My only criticism? Could An Mei not have slapped the haughty Datin somewhere in the story – even if only once! Apologies, that is the gweilo in me, but an indication of the depth of my emotional involvement in An Mei’s trials and tribulations. An excellent read and I look forward to Chan LIng Yap’s next bb.

Johan Louw Goodreads, May 2012