Fusion Fitness Reviews

Fusion Fitness goes a step beyond many other books in the field by addressing the needs of both fitness instructors and students, as well as appealing to a wider general audience… It provides a reliable source of information that is clearly presented, easy to understand,and yet technically accurate. This book constitutes a major contribution towards the body of literature on health and fitness and fills a vital gap in the market.

Stephanie Cook, MBE, BM, BCh (Oxon), MA (Cantab)
Modern Pentathlon Olympic Gold Medalist, Sydney 2000, Modern Pentathlon European and World Champion, 2001

Chan Ling Offers a comprehensive guide to understanding how the body work, the effects of training and nutrition, plus analysis of such trendy topics as core stability. With clear diagrams and photos, this is a very user friendly manual for anyone looking to get the best from their work-outs.

Andrew Shields
Time Out, London 6-13 November 2002

The book incorporates the author’s knowledge and understanding of Eastern teachings and combines them with fitness and health techniques of the West, creating a new fitness routine for modern day living; a fusion of ideas and disciplines. This is a book for people serious about health and fitness.

Hannah Green
Limited Edition, December 2002

The book is ideal for those people who are looking to embark on a safe and holistic exercise programme while being able to understand the underlying theory behind it. Fusion Fitness is a good read for people wanting to start an exercise regime from home, and especially for the over 50’s, as the book has dedicated chapters to this age group.

Keryn Samprey
Personal Trainer

Fusion Fitness demonstrates that both Eastern and Western approaches aim to achieve similar goals: coordination, core stability, flexibility, muscle strength, awareness of mind and body, and internal energy balance. This book combines theory and practice, explaining how exercises should be performed and why they are effective.

Harpers & Fitness Matters
Harpers Fitness, Winter/Spring 2003

Chan Ling goes into lots of details about physiology, explaining why certain things work, why certain things are risky, and how to work with your body and give it what it needs. For example, I found the descriptions of the abdominal muscle layers and how they work very enlightening. The exercises are clearly explained and manageable in number. This is good, basic, sensible, thoughtful exercise.The book is exactly what I was looking for!

Meg Madison
20 September 2008, Amazon on-line review