Sweet Offerings

The title of the novel takes its cue from a dish called lin qi kung – a light syrup with lotus seed and the fruit longan that is eaten to sweeten, sooth and balance the yin and the yang of the body. Traditionally, tea infused and sweetened with these same ingredients is offered to make palatable any suffering or bitterness.

Sweet OfferingsAbout the book

Set between the late 1930s and 1960s, Sweet Offerings is the tale of Mei Yin, a young Chinese girl from an impoverished rural family. Her destiny is shaped when she is sent to Kuala Lumpur to become the ward and companion of the tyrannical and bitter Su Hei who is looking for a suitable wife for her son Ming Kong…and ultimately a grandson and heir to the family dynasty.

Sweet Offerings is not just a fictional story of the events that ripped one family apart, but a taste of Malaysia’s historical, political and cultural changes during its transition from colonial rule to independence and beyond.

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(ISBN 978 981 4328 44 9)

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