Sweet Offerings Reviews: 1

I took this book on holiday and found that I just couldn’t put it down even though the pool looked so tempting! The story flows beautifully through a difficult period and you warm to the main characters. Looking forward to the sequel!

Gill Healy

A thoroughly enjoyable read. The book brings the characters and Malaysia to life. Highly recommended.

H. Harkness

Excellent first novel.I found it hard to put it down. The descriptions of the market and the setting of the scene at the beginning were wonderful. This story held my attention from start to finish. I would really recommend it. Edie Radford

Chan Ling Yap’s book keeps you turning the pages in excited anticipation to the very end. A most impressive first novel.

Margaret Paterson

Just loved this book from start to finish – the characters come alive and the reader becomes totally involved in their lives. A book that is impossible to put down, and can’t wait for the sequel.

Anna Odlin

This book has a strong storyline and well-drawn characters. It held me as it drew me into a very different world from my own and it taught me about a period of history and a part of the world about which I knew little. I cared about the characters and the book left me wanting to know more.

Sylvia Mills

I received details of your book from the Reading Agency. What a great read. I lived in KL and was back there with the sounds, heat, smells and all that wondrous fruit. I am a librarian and will promote your book to Reading Groups. I hope it is successful.

Gill Farrington

The book is a great read with real emotion and such detail as one can almost smell the atmosphere coming from the pages. Also I cannot recall ever reading a book where the very last word carried so much meaning for the future. Congratulations!

Chris Allen

Well written, exciting, historical, insightful, realistic. It is everything I love in a book. I looked forward to reading it every night.

Lauren (Southern California, Amazon.com)